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Dublin, Ireland (Dublin, IRE (Europe))

Days in Dublin Destination Guide

After spending time in Ireland and specifically Dublin, I can vouch for its charm, character and craic (which translates to good natured humor and conversation).

Ireland is full of history, beauty and of course, a pub scene. Even if you aren’t interested in drinking a pint of Guinness, you can visit a pub and listen to traditional Irish music. You’ll feel right at home.


Downtown Dublin Highlights

Downtown Dublin Highlights

St. Stephen’s Green: If you’re fresh off your flight and ready to relax St. Stephen’s Green is the perfect place to visit. Located in the heart of Dublin City, the park features historical figures from Irish history and beautifully maintained Victorian grounds. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see an entrance with arches. It’s right at the top of Grafton Street. 

Grafton Street: After your leisurely walk through St. Stephen’s Green, peruse Grafton Street. It’s the main shopping area of Dublin and minutes away from city center, just north of the River Liffey. The street features red brick, shopping, food and sometimes even live music. If you wander off the beaten path, you’ll find St. Anne’s Street. Walk to Zozimus Bar, and you’ll find an impressive and Instagram worthy umbrella display.

Trinity College: Grafton Street is very close to Trinity College. The university’s architecture is worth checking out. You can even get a tour of the grounds. Admission includes a visit to the Old Library (which resembles the Great Hall of Harry Potter) and a chance to see the Book of Kells. It’s an ornate manuscript of the Gospels, made by Celtic monks in the 9th century.

Dublin Pubs

Dublin Pubs

The Brazen Head:  If you go to Dublin, Ireland you have to check out The Brazen Head. It’s the oldest pub in all of Ireland and opened in 1198. With an airy atmosphere and classic stonework, it’s a cozy choice for some Guinness stew. There are even Irish story tellings that take place. It’s relaxing, cutesy and traditional. You’ll be back in no time.

O’ Donoghue’s: The atmosphere of any pub is an important factor. O’Donoghue’s atmosphere is unmatched. Located on Baggot Street, it’s within walking distance to Saint Stephen’s Green, Trinity College and The River Liffey. If you are looking for live music, you’ll find opportunities to listen 7 nights a week. It starts at 9pm most nights and at 5pm on Saturday.

Hairy Lemon: In the mood for a trendy little pub? Walk over to the Hairy Lemon. On the outside, it’s decorated in yellow and green with pretty flowers. You can find interesting memorabilia and lots of hearty eats. Check out Instagram, if you really want to find what’s inside.

The Temple Bar: Of course, The Temple Bar is a must see if you’re in Dublin. It’s in the touristy area of the city, which definitely isn’t such a bad thing. The pub has a beer garden, live music, official merchandise and a social atmosphere. Famous bands such as The Dubliners have played at The Temple Bar. Right outside the bar is “Temple Bar” area, where many other fun restaurants and pubs reside.

Blackbird: Blackbird is a hidden gem and for good reason. It’s a little outside the city center, in Rathmines, Dublin and features an old school elegant look. At this establishment, bring a friend (or multiple). The Blackbird is stocked with fun games, seating for a large party, and craft beer. It’s a unique spot and has a ton of personality.

Daytrips outside of Dublin

Daytrips outside of Dublin

Galway: If you want to see stunning sights on the West Coast of Ireland, look no further than Galway. Galway is a smaller city than Dublin; but it is full of fun, good energy and an authentic Irish experience. Have you ever heard of the Cliffs of Moher? They are stunning, will quite literally broaden your horizons, and are pretty close to Galway.

Newgrange: Newgrange, just north of Dublin, is another location where you can take a bus tour. It’s a 5,000-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site, older than both Stonehenge and the pyramids of Giza. On the winter solstice, sunlight enters the chamber and illuminates the room. To see this amazing site, you can enter a drawing. But even if you don’t win, you can visit. Buy tickets to experience the official guided tour and gain entry into the passage tomb.

Giant’s Causeway, Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge and the Dark Hedges: Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is a little frightening if you’re scared of heights. But, don’t worry, the bridge is stable and showcases a view of the coastline and crystal blue water. Close to the bridge lies Giant’s Causeway. It is an experience designed to make you feel small. Walk where the giants once did and visit about 40,000 basalt columns that act as stepping stones to the sea. Nature knew what it was doing when it created the Giant’s Causeway. If you’re a Game of Thrones Fan, you will love to see the Dark Hedges. Remember King’s Road in Season 2? These hedges in Northern Ireland are the model. If you’d like to see these 3 places in one trip, Paddywagon Tours is a good way to go.

Powerscourt Gardens: Recently voted No. 3 in the World’s Top Ten Gardens by National Geographic, Powerscourt is a regal place to spend an afternoon sipping tea and eating biscuits. The gardens encompass an estate and showcase The Walled Garden, The Italian Garden, The Dolphin Pond, The Japanese Gardens, and other features and attractions. You will have 47 acres to explore. The good new is that it’s only an hour away from the city.

Dublin, Ireland and its surrounding areas are truly beautiful. A certain type of magic exists in the country. And watch out for the unique Doors of Dublin (each a different color and decorated differently). Book with IBC Travel and stay in a boutique accommodation to get the most out of your experience.

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