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Mumbai (Mumbai, India)

Four Reasons to Stay Local in Mumbai

Book an independently-owned boutique hotel in Mumbai and then see more of India’s exotic culture. Mumbai has more to offer when you stay in an independent boutique hotel and experience unique adventures like these.

Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is impressive in its scale. In addition to being the most populous city in India, it’s also the metro area with the highest GDP in South, West or Central Asia. It also has more billionaires than any other city in in its region.

But Mumbai is far more than just an impressive economy. It’s also a beautiful city with a long and diverse history.  The next time you stay local in Mumbai, these are just a few of the authentic experiences in store for you.

Shop for treasures made and sold by local artisans

Shop for treasures made and sold by local artisans

Whether you’re looking for expensive furniture and rare antiques or just a casual souvenir to take home, Mumbai has a vast range of opportunities for shopping at every price point.

For affordable handicrafts like your name on a grain of rice, visit Colaba Causeway. Known for accommodating travelers, nearby restaurants Leopold’s Café and Café Mondegar offer a place to rest after a long day of bargain hunting.

For antiques and fine keepsakes, try Chor Bazaar on Mutton Street. With a name that means “thieves’ market,” be sure to verify the authenticity of a piece before making a large purchase. However, if you’re willing to sift through the imitations, Chor Bazaar offers true works of art, especially from India’s time as a British colony.

Take in local architecture through the ages

Take in local architecture through the ages

Mumbai’s long history as a city has led it through a large range of cultural traditions and left the city with a diverse array of architectural styles and heritage sites. The Royal Bombay Yacht Club features the height of British Colonial style from when it was built in 1876. Dhanraj Mahal, on the other hand, features Art Deco styles in a mixed occupancy building from the early 20th century.

The Bombay High Court features still another look with Gothic architecture, while the University of Mumbai is inspired by a Venetian palazzo. The rich history of the city provides a mixture of architectural preference that leads visitors through time beautiful building by beautiful building.

Learn about the dhobis and dabbawala of Mumbai

Learn about the dhobis and dabbawala of Mumbai

What’s a dhobi and a dabbawala? In Mumbai, you can learn about these trades and how they keep the city going. The dhobi of Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat are the city’s washer men. They hand wash garments from across the city ever day in in a giant open-air laundry.

Meanwhile, a dabbawala is one of the thousands of delivery men who bring lunch to over 200,000 office workers every day. The service of hand-delivering fresh cooked meals every day started in British colonial times and has survived the ensuing decades to nourish Indian businessmen who can’t leave the office for lunch.

Discover the culture and art of India

Discover the culture and art of India

Arts and culture abound in Mumbai’s Nehru Cultural Center. The center is divided into four distinct sections, giving visitors the chance to explore unique individual aspects of India’s culture and history.

The Nehru Planetarium focuses on astronomy and research of the stars and planets. The Discovery of India section highlights rotating exhibits that feature artistic and intellectual aspects of the country’s history. The Cultural Wing focuses especially on visual and performing art. And the center’s Art Gallery features exhibits that support and promote India’s young and emerging artists.

Stay local in exotic Mumbai!


If you’re interested in exotic experiences, great shopping, beautiful architecture or the culture of South Asia, book a boutique hotel in Mumbai. Like the genuine antique finds awaiting you in the Chor Bazaar, Mumbai is truly an authentic treasure.

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