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Munich (Munich, Germany)

4 Reasons to Stay Local in Munich

Enjoy unique travel experiences like these when you stay in an independent boutique hotel in Munich.

Munich has all the German experiences you’ve read about in books and seen in movies. Oktoberfest. Pretzels. Beer. And the lush, green Bavarian Alps. The best way to experience Munich is while staying at a locally owned and one-of-a-kind hotel. Book a boutique hotel and try out some of our recommendations while in Munich.

Drink beer like a real German

Drink beer like a real German

The most famous beer garden in Munich is the Hofbrau House. You may have seen the logo on a stein at your local bar or on a flag at your local frat house.

For a drinking experience that’s more like the locals enjoy, try the Augistiner instead. The oldest brewery in Munich, it’s been in operation since 1328. The brewery has been designated a historic monument, has its own maltery and water well on site, and operates using energy-efficient natural gas.

Go surfing far from the beach

Go surfing far from the beach

You probably didn’t think you’d be going to landlocked Munich to surf, but the city has a reputation as a surfing hotspot with some of Europe’s best waves. You just won’t be surfing on the ocean.

Considered the birthplace of river surfing, up to 100 surfers per day hit Englischer Garten for the Eisbach wave. Bring your wetsuit! The water never gets above 60 Fahrenheit. If you’d rather stay warm, it’s a great place to have a picnic and watch the surfers or explore the world’s largest urban park.

See the city – and have a beer

See the city – and have a beer

One of the best ways to see Munich is by bicycle. There are many options for renting bikes for a self-guided tour.

If riding solo isn’t for you, check out Mike’s Bike Tours, which has been leading informative and entertaining tours through the city for 21 years. Options include general city history, a history of the Third Reich or an Oktoberfest tour that includes a stop for beer and pretzels at a beer garden along the way. Mike’s Bike Tours also offers day trips by car to castles and other sites in the area.

Shop in an open-air market

Shop in an open-air market

Almost every neighborhood in Munich has its own weekly open-air market. Be sure to ask around to find the closest one to your hotel.

If you miss the weekly marker in your area, the Viktualienmarkt is a daily food market in central Munich featuring over 140 stalls and offering everything from flowers to wild game to spices and exotic fruits. In addition to the ingredients available, the market also features bakeries, restaurants and (of course) a beer garden.

Stay local in historic Munich!

Ah Munich, where you can drink a beer at a 14th-century brewery, during a bike tour or after a walk through the market. You can even enjoy a cold one after river surfing – just don’t try to do it while you’re on the waves.

With its rich history, beautiful surroundings and commitment to good food, Munich has something for everyone. Book your stay at an independently-owned boutique hotel in Munich today!

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