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Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

3 Reasons to Stay Local in Prague

Try these three local adventures the next time you visit an independent boutique hotel in the Czech Republic.

Prague has everything you’d want in a fairytale European city, from lush green forests and fairytale castles to historic buildings boasting their share of ghost stories.

When you choose to stay local in Prague, there can be more than churches and museums on your to-do list. Travelers can take in art, food, architecture and history that’s just a little different from the mainstream tourist stops.

Here are a few ideas for how to get a real sense for all Prague has to offer:

Take in Prague’s alternative art scene

Take in Prague’s alternative art scene

After the fall of communism, Prague became a hub of experimental and uncommon art. Artists have turned former warehouses and empty buildings into giant spaces filled with art installations incorporating everything from car parts to giant handguns.

Meetfactory, the brainchild of artist David Černý, allows visitors to participate in the art by learning how to screen print or making their own temporary tattoos. If you’d rather see art than become a part of it, the DOX Center for Contemporary Art features new and established artists in the hip Holešovice neighborhood.

Stroll the streets around a real castle

Stroll the streets around a real castle

Prague Castle dates from the 9th century and is considered the largest ancient castle in the world. Just beyond the castle itself are off-the-beaten-path charms.

The Nový Svět area is named for its long, winding alleys. It’s the perfect place to wander through quiet residential areas adorned with walled streets, cobblestones, trees and old street lamps. The area features The Loreta, an impressive yellow-and-white Baroque church and cloister.

Just outside the district you can visit Strahov Monastery. Founded in the 12th century, the monastery features a basilica, an art museum, a brewery, a museum of miniatures and sweeping views of Prague.

See the city from a new point of view

See the city from a new point of view

In addition to its history of castles and princes, Prague also has a Communist history. To learn more about that part of the city’s tradition, visit Žižkov, a quirky enclave characterized by its giant, futuristic television tower.

Now an outpost for diversity and alternative perspectives, Žižkov features several outposts of Prague’s counterculture including Palac Akropolis, a bar with live music and a rebellious sensibility.

Climb the district’s famous tower for views of the city, or hike up Vítkov Hill to the National Monument. The monument features a mausoleum for Communist leaders, as well as the world’s largest equestrian statue. Riding that world’s largest horse is Jan Žižka, a general from the Battle for Vítkov Hill.

Stay local in historic Prague!


Whether you’re in Prague to take in the castles, experience some alternative art in an abandoned warehouse, wander cobblestone streets or climb a Soviet monument for views of the city, there’s plenty to do the next time you book a boutique hotel in Prague.

If you’re willing to walk the alleys just a little away from the mainstream or make the climb up Žižkov’s TV tower, Prague promises a vacation that’s far from ordinary.

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