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Rio de Janeiro (Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

3 Reasons to Stay Local in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has more to offer when you stay in an independent boutique hotel and experience unique adventures like these.

Beautiful beaches, mountains, and a buzzing downtown, Rio de Janeiro is one of the best places to visit in South America. When you are staying local in Rio de Janeiro next, try these activities out to make the experience that much more enjoyable!

Take Trips/Tours to see the best spots in Rio

Take Trips/Tours to see the best spots in Rio

There are so many unbelievable places to see throughout the large metropolis of Rio De Janeiro. That is why the locals offer so many unbelievable tours.

If you want to see the famous Christ Redeemer statue, you can either venture up by yourself or go with a tour guide and group. Either way the half-day trip is worth the time spent making your way up the Corcovado Mountain. With beautiful views of all of Rio, this a view that is almost unparalleled.

Another main attraction is the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain. This half day tour brings you to the top of the mountain and gives you a relaxing and beautiful look over the city.

The Rio de Janeiro half-day walking tour gives an afternoon full of sightseeing in “Old Rio” on foot. You get the feeling for the legends and history that is packed into the narrow streets. With old historical buildings and beautiful architecture, it is one of the best sight-seeing tours in the city that doesn’t involve a mountain.

Explore the Extreme Sports Rio De Janeiro has to Offer

Explore the Extreme Sports Rio De Janeiro has to Offer

For any adrenaline junkies that are looking for a fun and active afternoon, there are plenty of places in Rio de Janeiro to get your fix. There are 4×4 tours that take you along scenic routes and amongst the forests that surround Rio.

Surfing lessons are always a good choice, and even better when you are in such a beautiful place. And for those already experienced in surfing, there is a Surf Adventure Tour that takes you to all of the best surf spots in Rio.

Lastly, there is Tandem Paragliding flights. Discover how it feels to fly and get a birds eye view of the beautiful city. With unforgettable views and a landing on the beach, paragliding is a great way to take all of Rio de Janeiro in.

Discover Beautiful Beaches

Discover Beautiful Beaches

Rio de Janeiro is known for its iconic and beautiful beaches. Take a trip to one of the beaches and relax in the sun for an afternoon!

Ipanema Beach is one of the most recognizable beaches in Rio. Being right up against the bustling city, it is an easy-to-access beach that is always crawling with locals and tourists alike.

If you are a bit more laid back, Grumari Beach is the spot for you. This quiet, private beach is a perfect getaway. It is said that you should go with some locals to find the best spots on this secluded beach.

Regarded by some as the most beautiful beach in Rio, the Prainha Beach is a photographer’s dream. Prainha is a bit further away than the others, but it’s totally worth the drive if you want fantastic pictures and an afternoon getaway.

Fall in love with the beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Stay local the next time you are planning your trip to explore all that the wonderful city has to offer!

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