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Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Buenos Aires Neighborhood Guide

Traveling to Buenos Aires? This sprawling city is full of unique neighborhoods, delicious restaurants and historic sites. Use this neighborhood guide to make the most out of your trip when you stay local with IBC Hotels.

Buenos Aires is huge; the city itself consists of many different neighborhoods and sectors, much like New York City. Below is our Neighborhood guide of Buenos Aires. This will help you effectively navigate and plan your trip so you can make the best use of your time!



Both times we were in Buenos Aires (BsAs) we stayed in Palermo and we loved it! It’s a central neighborhood in the city but has all the newest restaurants, shopping and nightlife areas. It’s a very safe and central location within the city.

Soho: Palermo Soho is perfect for daytime activities. There are countless shopping centers, plazas, parks and cafes to spend your day. We highly recommend renting bikes and biking around the Japanese Gardins, Rosedal, and the Bosques de Palermo. We also loved eating at La Panera Rosa Cafe after we spent our afternoon shopping.

Hollywood: Palermo Hollywood has all the best restaurants, bars, clubs and nightlife. We stayed in the most darling boutique hotel, BA Central Hotel, right in the center of the city. We definitely recommend walking around at nights and exploring some restaurants. Also, check out the many bars & nightlife activities. You can’t go wrong in Palermo Hollywood.


Recoleta,_Buenos_AiresRecoleta is a traditional part of Buenos Aires. It is historically one of the nicest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Charming apartment and town-home buildings line the streets, and green beautiful parks are on almost every corner.  Recoleta is home to the famous Recoleta Cemetery. The cemetery is set on 14 acres, and contains almost 5000 vaults, all of which are above ground. 94 of the vaults have been declared National Historic Monuments by the Argentine government. The cemetery contains elaborate marble mausoleums decorated with statues in a wide variety of architectural styles. The Cemetery houses the tombstones from all the wealthy families throughout Argentina’s history. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and a must-see during your trip! Right across from the Recoleta Cemetery is a beautiful shopping mall, a great place to visit after you are done viewing the historic cemetery. There are also many famous and boutique restaurants along the road leading to the cemetery. If you’re spending time in Buenos Aires, Recoleta is a great place to visit. 

La Boca

La Boca

La Boca is a huge tourist spot in Buenos Aires.  Known worldwide for the “Caminito” section of this neighborhood, La Boca is a fun, cultural spot to visit. Caminito is the result of the local artist Benito Martin. In 1960 he painted the walls of the streets and created a stage for performances, it quickly grew in popularity and became an attraction for artists. With the cobblestone streets and the colorful painted houses and buildings, Caminito is a cultural haven for tourists. There are constantly tango dancers performing in the street, and many street artists selling their work. However, La Boca is in a poorer part of BsAs. Many people will warn you that it’s dangerous and I second that warning. Make sure you go during the day and stick to the main streets and you will be safe. La Boca is also the home to the Boca Juniors Stadium. Currently the stadium is not in use but is open to tours and views. 


Historic District

Historic District

Historic District (El Centro):  The historic district is the beautiful center of BsAs. It is broken up into a couple different neighborhood, but all are easily walked in one trip. The center is easy to navigate with a map or phone navigation system. The Historic District has some of the most historic and iconic sites in Buenos Aires. The streets are typically very crowded, but lined with gorgeous buildings and endless shopping. It’s also a safe and beautiful place to stay during your trip. The historic district contains sites like Puerto Madero, Puente de la Mujer, La Casa Rosada, Al Ateneo Grand Splendid, Galerias Pacifico and Obelisco. So, if you choose to stay in the center, you will definitely be close to many of the popular tourist sites. Some of the must sees in the historic district are La Casa Rosada, the massive Argentine President’s house: Al Ateneo Grand Splendid, an old Argentine theater turned into a modern day bookstore: Galeria Pacifico, a beautiful shopping mall with some of the most breathtaking architecture and murals: Puerto Madero, a neighborhood along the canal with sites like an old Argentine ship and many shops and restaurants. 

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