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The Traveler’s Tips: Edinburgh
The Traveler’s Tips: Edinburgh


The Traveler’s Tips: Edinburgh

Duration: A week in June while on a study abroad trip

Stayed at: The Scotsman Hotel

Best Thing I Ate: I tried shawarma for the first time and it ended up becoming the only thing I wanted to eat. It was delicious! My favorite time to eat one was during a late night food run. Paired with some fries on the side with garlic mayo, shawarma is something special. The nights I spent getting shawarma became some of my best memories and I wish I could go back to those incredible food trucks.

Best Daytime Activity: We were located fairly close to Holyrood Park and it was a really fun area to walk around and explore. One day we hiked to the top of Arthur’s seat and it was an incredible view. Being able to see all of Edinburgh was amazing; it is one of those places you just felt inspired by everything you see. 

Best Night Activity: Our favorite thing to do was explore the city at night, we pretty much had to walk everywhere so it made it really cool to see different parts of the city. There were so many cool spires and buildings that were lit up at night. Fantastic to see. Now, I am use to seeing street performers around the United States, but people playing bagpipes in the streets was a new one for me. Kilt and Everything. 

Trip Highlight: The best thing to see was Edinburgh Castle, It had this older elegance to it. There was so much history inside of it; it was just awe inspiring. From historical collections of census records to immovable military equipment, I could not get enough of it. We spent hours wandering around this castle and seeing absolutely everything it had hidden away from the world. 

Must Have: An umbrella, it rained so much while we were here. It was great to be able to get around but still be able to see everything. The best thing about being in the middle of the city was feeling like you weren’t getting hit too hard with the rain, and with an umbrella it was a piece of cake. 

Most Inspiring Part: The most inspiring part was St. Giles Cathedral, an over-towering mass that was just glorious to look at. You know when you’re walking through something and you’re not allowed to touch any of it, it’s impressive. From just sheer amount of history in this place, it was something I had never seen before.

Favorite Souvenir Item: I got a scroll of my family history in Scotland, it was amazing to see where I had come from. I still have this hanging on my wall, because it is the only real connection I have to my family history. To see my family crest and my lineage was something new to me, because I really don’t know that much about our family tree. It was nice to get some insight. 

Why Travel Here: You should travel here to experience a little colder area in the summer, and the history here is just seeping out of every building. It is fantastic to see how their city was designed, and all of the incredible buildings. Their museums were even exciting. This breathtaking city is full of history and culture that you will not want to miss, and maybe you’ll even learn something. If not, go for the views, they’re breathtaking. 


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