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The Travelers Tips: Montreal
The Travelers Tips: Montreal

Victoria Randall

The Travelers Tips: Montreal

Trip to: Montreal, Quebec



Location: Canada

Duration: Weekend

Stayed at: An apartment. It was really cost effective and allowed me to stray off the tourist path and dive into the culture of the city. I also was on the 21st floor…. talk about gorgeous views. Check out other cost effective boutique hotel options at IBC Travel.

Best Thing I Ate: Poutine of course! You can’t go to Canada without having some good ole poutine. Crispy fries with mouthwatering gravy and cheese curds…I also added in some bison for some extra protein. What more could you ask for? (Except for extra cheese curds which was a tip I received from the locals). While you can basically get poutine at any restaurant in Montreal, a local favorite is La Banquise. La Banquise is open 24/7 and offers over 30 different kinds of poutine with options including pulled pork, bacon, and even guacamole.

Montreal 2

Best Daytime Activity: There’s so much to do in Montreal but check out the Notre Dame Basilica, the Biodome, and the Botanical Garden which is recognized as one of the largest one in the world. If you have time, take a stroll through Old Montreal which has a very charming European vibe and tons of history.

Montreal 7

Best Night Activity: Montreal has an incredible nightlife scene. The city is bustling with tons of unique bars, clubs, and speakeasies. It truly offers something for everybody. Some local bars and clubs to check out include:

Apartment 200

3643 St. Laurent Apt. 200, Montreal QC

This hipster bar is unlike any other in Montreal. It offers a relaxed environment where you can play old school arcade games and have a few drinks in the afternoon and then switches over to a loft party vibe at night. They aim to make their customers feel like they’re at close friend’s house so enjoy the huge couches, enormous dining room tables, and even the reading nook.

Big In Japan

4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal QC

This secret speakeasy has no signs or visible address so unless what you’re looking for it’s easy to pass right by this hidden gem. A large gray door with 2 Japanese signs in the window will indicate you’ve made it to the right place. Big In Japan will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the 1920’s with the sophisticated décor and dim lighting provided by tons of tea lights.

Trip Highlight: Wandering around the city and stumbling across this spectacular rooftop where I had panoramic views of the entire city. It took my breath away.

Must-Have: Montreal is the second largest French speaking city aside from Paris. While most people know English as a second language, just about everything is in French including signs, menus, etc. So, unless you are fluent in French, Google Translate is a definite must-have.

Most Inspiring Part: All the art in Montreal really inspires creativity. Strolling around the city you will see colorful murals on the walls of every corner. I was in awe at how intricate and different each mural was.

Montreal 6

Why Travel Here: If you’re from North America, it’s like taking a vacation to Europe without traveling overseas. It’s a gorgeous city with tons of culture, history, and things to do. Plan your trip to Montreal with IBC Travel and book your stay at a boutique hotel for a unique travel experience!

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