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How To Take The Best Pictures On Your Phone While Traveling
How To Take The Best Pictures On Your Phone While Traveling

Victoria Randall

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How To Take The Best Pictures On Your Phone While Traveling

Photography is paramount in today’s digital age. Make sure to capture your best moments with these great tips!

Lighting is key:


Photography is all about lighting so pay attention to all your available light sources. Gloomy days provide the most ideal lighting to capture quality images. If it’s sunny out, look for shaded areas and avoid shooting images in direct sunlight as your subject will look a lot better without the sun beaming directly on it. Also, keep in mind that mobile cameras don’t take the best photos in low light situations.

Tap to focus:

Nothing is worse when you think you’ve just captured a great picture but the subject is out of focus. Tap the screen to focus your image and it will make all the difference.

Never use zoom:

‘Most mobile cameras have a digital zoom and not an optical zoom which means that your image is essentially being cropped instead of being zoomed in. As an alternative to zooming, walk closer to your subject for better quality shots.


Don’t forget to wipe your lens:

Your phone has most likely been in your bag or pocket where dust and dirt have most likely accumulated on your camera lens. Make sure to give your lens a good wipe for sharp, clear images.

Take pictures in more than one style:

Get perspective shots from down low or shoot from up high for a Birdseye view effect. Switching up your angles will make your collection of photos more unique and memorable.


Keep your camera steady:

A tripod is the best bet for quality images but it’s not necessarily practical to travel with. If you don’t have a tripod handy, hold your camera with both hands or set it on a firm surface to avoid blurry photos.

Have your camera ready:

Keep your camera open so when you unlock your phone, it’s ready to go. You never know what unexpected and interesting things you might see while traveling.


Use the panoramic feature:

Sometimes your regular camera just doesn’t do the scenery justice. When taking a photo of an expansive landscape, use the panorama feature to be sure capture the whole thing.

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